Cloud Risk Assessment

Organizations are adopting cloud and SaaS at a rapid pace. Whether you allow or block these apps, chances are your users have found a way to access them. Performing a Cloud Risk Assessment will help you understand which are in use in your organization. The Assessment will provide you an overview of the apps, how enterprise-ready they are, how risky they are for your organization, and recommendations for mitigating that risk. It can provide answers to the hard questions your organization’s leadership is asking, as well serve as a starting point for your cloud strategy.


What’s included



Secure, dedicated tenant instance

Secure, dedicated tenant, no access

Secure, dedicated tenant, access for 1 month

Discovered apps by category

Top categories only

Summarized for all categories + drill down in tenant

Enterprise-readiness score and

Top apps only

Summarized for all apps + drill down in tenant

App risk analysis


App risk breakdown overall and in key categories

Data movement analysis

Summary of data Movement

Detailed summary of data movement, including by users

Sanctioned app analysis

Summary of usage Usage

analysis + enterprise – readiness Gaps

Usage and activity

analysis1 Summary of risky Activities

Risky activities (e.g., sharing, downloading, etc.) in key apps

Business concerns analysis


Usage identified against top business concerns

Risk analysis mapped to your organization’s business concerns


Summary + analysis + drill down in tenant

Sensitive data exposure analysis (DLP violations in content at rest)

Summary of DLP violations

Violations by type vs. total files scanned + exposure breakdowns

Sensitive data violation analysis (DLP violations in content en route)

Summary of DLP violations

Violations discovered en route to and from discovered cloud apps



Recommendations mapped to business concerns + phased risk mitigation roadmap