Cloud - Advanced Discovery
Netskope Advanced Discovery
Discover apps and assess risk

Netskope Advanced Discovery helps you perform efficient cloud monitoring to find and quantify risk for all of the cloud apps being used in your environment, sanctioned or shadow IT. It serves as a guidepost for you to mitigate that risk and reduce costs, while giving you a leg up in deciding which apps are appropriate for your business. This, in turn, helps you with the process of approving user-requested apps as well as deciding on which apps to promote or guide away from, in your organization.

Find all cloud apps



Netskope Advanced Discovery gives an ongoing view, analysis, and enterprise-readiness measurement of all the cloud apps running in your environment. The apps are segmented by function into categories such as Big Data, Cloud Storage, Human Resources, Marketing, and Software Development etc. With Netskope Advanced Discovery, you can confidently answer cloud monitoring questions like “How are we using the cloud?” or “What are the top cloud risk factors in my environment?” and get an accurate view of the current state before developing your cloud strategy or policy.

Quantify your risk



Netskope Advanced Discovery enables you to quantify your organization’s risk based on the apps you’re using and how you’re using them. It helps increase cloud visibility to show you all of your key risk metrics at a glance, including risky apps and users. From there, you can drill down into apps, users, data movements, and app details, and understand the components that make up your risk score.

Don't research apps



While monitoring cloud services, use Netskope Advanced Discovery to understand how apps stack up against criteria such as inherent app security, auditing and third-party certifications, legal terms, service-level agreements (SLAs), security vulnerabilities and exploits, financial viability, and privacy requirements that make an app enterprise-ready… or not. Based on these criteria, each app is assigned a score of 0-100 and placed into one of five levels – excellent, high, medium, low, or poor. Adjust scoring weights of the criteria per your requirements or mitigating controls, and incorporate the scores into your policies. For example, only allow uploads to enterprise-ready apps rated ‘high’ or ‘excellent’.

Know your spend



Use Netskope Advanced Discovery’s cloud monitoring capabilities to understand the financial viability of these apps, as well as how much money is being spent on the sanctioned apps you know about and the unsanctioned apps that your users have signed up for without your knowledge. Quickly identify different app instances of the same cloud app, overlapping license usage, or apps with redundant functionality, and gain the upper hand on reducing costs.