EndPoint – Data Encryption
Dell Data Protection | Encryption

Today’s organizations are challenged more than ever to protect data and address compliance without disrupting employee productivity. Although traditional encryption software solutions attempt to address these needs, most are difficult to deploy and manage, lack scalability across platforms and reduce performance for users.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E) offers a simple and flexible way to safeguard your data.

  Comprehensive data protection:Protect data wherever it resides: on endpoint devices and servers, external media, and in the cloud.
  Flexible encryption:Implement encryption options ranging from simplified Microsoft BitLocker management to full disk encryption. DDP | E with optional DDP | Hardware Crypto Accelerator supports the highest level of FIPS 140-2 protection commercially available for system disks.
  One-touch compliance:Help your organization meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines with one-touch preset compliance templates.
  Factory installation:Easily implement encryption — right out of the box — with optional factory installation.
  Centralized management:Remotely manage encryption and authentication policies with a single console designed to work seamlessly with existing IT processes.
  Non-disruptive encryption:Enable end users to securely access and share data on any device and in the cloud with non-disruptive, data-centric encryption.


Dell Data Protection | Encryption offers a number of solutions to fit your specific needs