EndPoint – Security

Endpoint Security Suite

Powerful, integrated endpoint protection

The Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite (DDP | ESS) provides complete endpoint protection for business data, systems and reputations. Available for Dell and non-Dell devices, the suite provides advanced authentication, strong encryption and threat protection — all centrally managed by a single console.

Advanced authentication enables Dell’s fully-integrated fingerprint, smart card and contactless smart card readers, as well as single sign-on and secure Windows password reset via an authorized smartphone. Powerful encryption protects data on Windows computers, across external media and in the cloud. Flexible encryption options range from simplified BitLocker and Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) management to the highest level of FIPS 140-2 protection commercially available for a system disk encryption solution with the optional DDP | Hardware Crypto Accelerator. Integrated threat protection secures your business from malware, phishing and hacker threats with:

  Antivirus and antispywareEvery time a file on your computer is accessed, virus and spyware protection scans the file to make sure it is free of anything potentially harmful.
  Host firewallDDP | ESS silently monitors communications traffic for suspicious activity and takes appropriate action, such as blocking.
  Browser safetyWeb filtering allows administrators to control access to websites based on safety rating, content category or specific URLs.
  Threat alertsCritical and Major threat protection events are immediately sent to the management console, with lower-severity events captured on the next polling interval.


With pre-set policy and report templates, Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite enables quick, secure deployment and proof of compliance even for organizations who may have limited security expertise in-house. The suite can be purchased with commercial Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems or as software only to protect your existing Dell and non-Dell hardware.