Mobile - Classification
TITUS Classification for Mobile

Is your corporate information protected on mobile devices?

Classify, Protect and Confidently Share

Data classification is the foundation of an effective information governance program. TITUS Classification for Mobile is an easy to use email classification and document security solution for mobile devices. TITUS enables users to identify mobile email sensitivity, protects documents stored on mobile devices, and enforces secure information sharing policy, preventing mobile data loss.
Prevent Data Loss from Mobile Devices

Secure business email and documents using TITUS Classification for Mobile. Policies leverage classification for fine-grained control over the ability to email, print, copy, and open files into third party apps.
Extend Microsoft Rights Management Services to Mobile Devices

Extend support for Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) to mobile devices. Access and enforce RMS permissions for both email and documents directly from your mobile device. Apply RMS protections to documents and files to ensure they are protected—no matter where or with whom they are shared.
Enable Secure SharePoint Collaboration
Access corporate SharePoint and SharePoint Online libraries directly from within the TITUS Classification for Mobile container. Enable efficient business workflow while ensuring files are securely managed when downloaded to a mobile device.
Overcome the Risks of Cloud Storage
Deploy enterprise cloud storage and upload files with confidence. TITUS Classification for Mobile helps users identify where it is safe to store files in the cloud and enforces safe sharing policies. Enhanced security for Box provides additional visual cues indicating file and folder classifications, the collaborators, and their access rights. With TITUS, cloud sharing has never been safer.