Mobile – Secure Browsing
Secure Web Browser


  Securely mobilize your Intranet, existing web applications, and browse other websites via the integrated web browser inside the secure mobile workplace container
  Access to Intranet, web applications and web sites with data for each session fully isolated from each other and stored inside the secure mobile workplace container
  Access is authenticated and authorized for each user by policies defined in a gateway server. The access to each site (URL) can be strictly managed and controlled by policies
  The Secure Browser is used for the opening of internal links in emails and documents to avoid data leakage. External links can optionally be opened in the browser on the device
  The Gateway server has options for “white listing” and “black listing” of URLs and servers as well as settings for server side access and client side user options
  The secure browser features a launch pad, giving easy access to the web apps for which the user is authorized. The user can easily add his or her own favorite