Social Media – Security & Compliance

Socialite. Be social. Be safe.
Enable compliant use of social media

Compliant Social Media Access

With Socialite, your organization can rest assured that it has the security, governance, and compliance it requires for its employees to share and engage on social networks, by:

  Automatically capture social media in context, Including LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
  Enable access control to features on social media sites
  Providing approval workflows for moderated posts, comments and Profile edits
  Preserving rich content and metadata to maintain context for review within Actiance Alcatraz
  Ease of Integration with existing supervisory review tools

Content Library for Regulated Companies

More regulated organizations are seeking to incorporate social media in on-going corporate communications activities. However, many lack the tools and content to drive engagement, while adhering to specific regulatory guidelines. Socialite addresses this challenge by providing:

  • Pre-approved content that is compliance-friendly
  Easy access to content when users are on social networking sites
  Automatic posting of content from subscribed content categories
  Integration with leading marketing tools, such as Spredfast, to capture activities
  Analytics to visualize progress against the metrics defined by social marketing team
  Capture all sharing and engagements for record keeping, and easy archival for eDiscovery