SharePoint/O365 – Security & Compliance

Data Security: Security Sheriff for Office 365™

The Office 365 Security Gap

While thousands of organizations are deploying SharePoint and Office 365 to manage enterprise content, streamline business processes, and deliver enterprise 2.0 collaboration capabilities, compliance and security concerns − and their associated risks − remain top of mind. As the amount of content and user interaction increases, particularly given the enhanced collaborative capabilities of Microsoft's collaboration platforms, the chance for a SharePoint or Office 365 security breach or compliance violation increases as well.

Securing Content with Metadata-driven, Item-level Security

Security Sheriff offers content-aware data loss protection (DLP) capabilities for Office 365 (SharePoint® Online and OneDrive™) by providing the ability to inspect and automatically restrict access, encrypt, track and prevent the publishing of content based upon the presence of sensitive and/or non-compliant information.

Harness the Power of Office 365 — Without the Risks

Cryptzone provides content compliance and security solutions that monitor, enforce and remediate the integrity of unstructured information in content management systems, file shares and public facing websites; with a focus on SharePoint, Office 365 and hybrid environments. Fully integrated with Office 365 (SharePoint® Online and OneDrive™), Security Sheriff ensures data security and compliance by continuously monitoring and auditing Office 365 data and documents against regulatory and corporate policies to protect against data breaches, unauthorized access and misuse. The solution helps enforce data security and compliance policies for privacy and confidentiality, intellectual property and trade secret protection, data loss prevention, PCI DSS compliance, HIPAA requirements, and accessibility guidelines.

Control the Distribution of Confidential Documents

Stop accidental and intentional data leakage. Prevent users from distributing sensitive information by restricting the actions they can take when editing Office documents including download, save as, copy/paste, print and email, in accordance with company policies. Set controls so confidential attachments can only be emailed by authorized personnel based on the classification of the document, to automatically convert Office 365 attachments to links, and restrict forwarded documents from being read by secondary recipients. Security Sheriff extends control of your documents beyond Office 365 and your domain.

Keep Mission Critical Documents in Office 365

Confidently store sensitive information in Office 365 — and keep it there. A recent survey indicated that 46% of users feel there is not enough built-in security to store confidential documents in Office 365. Security Sheriff protected sites offer a range of features to control access to content and distribution actions. Prevent users from downloading content to view or edit it, and set restrictions so users with read only permissions can only access documents through Sheriff’s secure viewer. Automatically encrypt confidential documents to prohibit unauthorized viewing at the file level. Additional controls allow you to apply fine grain security, making it safe to store even the most confidential information, consolidate file storage systems and maximize ROI.

Enforce Data Governance and Compliance Policies

Ensure your organization complies with regulatory requirements for your industry, such as the Privacy Acts, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS, OMB, and SEC. Security policies are enforced using Active Directory (AD) authentication and SharePoint groups to access, decrypt or perform other user actions. Content is only available to users who meet the classification-driven policies — and business rules to control how authorized users can consume and distribute content are automatically enforced.

Reduce the Cost and Effort of Managing Collaboration

Break through the confines of provisioning individual sites for each collaborative group. By classifying documents, access is automatically restricted, or rights are granted, regardless of the location of the document. This simplifies document permission management and eliminates the need for administrators to create special sites to manage new groups and their content — significantly reducing the cost and complexity of managing Office 365.