Unified Archiving - All Communication Channels

All your content. Ready for tomorrow.
Alcatraz: The archive for the NEXT 10 years™


Preserve context across 70+ communication channels for smarter search, hold, and review

  Single, Unified View of All Communication Channels
  Snapshot Technologies to Retain and Display Conversational Threads
  Sub-Second Search and Retrieval for More Efficient eDiscovery
  Fully Automated Legal Holds Against All Content Sources
  Defensible, Full Fidelity Data Export at 250 Documents/Second
  Deployment Models to Meet Your IT Strategy

Regulatory Compliance

Streamline compliance with policy-based communications management and supervisory review

  Stay Ahead of Compliance While Deploying New Communication Channels
  Unify Identity & Policy Management for All Communications
  Enable Fully Automated Retention & Disposition Policies
  Address Regulatory Data Storage Compliance
  Improve Supervisory Review Efficiency
  Deployment Models to Meet Your IT Strategy