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Private Protocol Solving Today’s Problem

Data Leakage is the combination of people and or processes that allow confidential information and sensitive data to be either inadvertently or maliciously leaked from an organisation. Whether it is personally identifiable information (PII) such as customer or employee records; proprietary corporate data such as financial state-ments or marketing plans; intellectual property (IP) like product plans; design process source code; confidential data represents a valuable asset that must be carefully managed and protected.

Data Explosion

  Data is everywhere
  Structured data, unstructured content
  IP, customer & classified data


Offices Without Walls

  The vanishing perimeter
  Offices “anywhere”
  Outsourcing & off-shoring


Employee Productivity

  Abuse of internet usage
  Unauthorised devices
  Downloading undesirable data

Private Protocol Solving Today’s Problem


Private Protocol offers consulting services based on the solutions and products we offer. In some cases we will arrange for international vendor consulting should this be required. Consulting is required for selecting the correct security strategy and planning a proper phased approach to a success full security implementation.

Risk Assessments

We offer customers several risk assessments that are aimed at informing customers of their potential risk they may have. This could be for relevant compliance or just general concerns about where their data is, where it is going and who is using it.

Project Management

Private Protocol offers a highly structured approach to the implementation of its solutions. The Project Management Methodology used ensures that the solution is implemented on time and within budget and with us supplying the Project Manager you the client do not have to use your own scarce resources during implementation.

Technical Services

Private Protocol offers technical skills on the solution we distribute, this is based on either portions of a roll-out or the full installation. As part of the installation process we offer training to customers so as to allow customers to provide 1st line internal support. Private Protocol will then provide 2nd and 3rd line support.

System Support

Should customers require Private Protocol to provide periodic system support, we offer system health checks, major release updates and ad-hoc technical support.

Additional Services

All additional services are provided by our partners.

Please see our partner page for partners [ Accellion / Dell / Code Green Networks / Cryptzone / Soliton / Titus] and their services